Freelance copywriters. Let’s be honest. You already know the benefits we offer. That’s why you’re searching for a freelance copywriter, right? So let’s move on.

So, why choose this freelance copywriter? Well, plump for a UK copywriter based in London or Edinburgh ad-agencies and you’ll pay for the lava lamps, the Bavarian-oak flooring and the 17 wild-haired creatives all called Jasper.

As a copywriter based near Manchester, I offer better value. But note that price should never, ever (ever) be a factor when investing in UK copywriters. Or brake pads.

I’m a versatile UK copywriter, too. This is copywriting that can play it straight or put its feet up on the boardroom table. It’s copywriting that’s won a place on the roster at Innocent Drinks and lent itself to white papers on peer-to-peer clustering protocols.

But the proof of the tiramisu is in the tasting, and you should really tuck in to my copywriting samples. Then pop back here to Manchester for a latte and ask me for a FREE copywriting test piece.

For a colossal UK copywriter, click here to email me or call me at my copywriting studio near Manchester on 01772 435827 or 07745 092037, or +44(0)1772 435827 outside the UK. Better still, call me Nigel.

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