Freelance copywriter for hire

Words are my thing. Unlike FR David, who sang ‘words don’t come easy to me’ and set up the ill-advised FR David Freelance Copywriters International Dot Com.

Hire me and you’ll benefit from 20-odd years in copywriting, journalism and editing. I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 2003 and won several awards along the way.

Although you’re not necessarily looking for perfect English, you’ll get it. What you’ll also get is an earnest desire to get to the heart of your organisation, to find what sets you apart and sets customers’ pulses racing.

I can achieve this on the phone, by e-mail, in person (I’m in Preston, near Manchester in the UK), on a factory tour, or just through your completed briefing form. Got questions? These should help.

I’ve written for multinationals, the public sector and for charities. I’ve written for printers in Preston and law firms in Lausanne. Whatever I write will be in your organisation’s voice. It’s written the way you would write if you could put down on paper what you know in your head and feel in your gut.

Find out about all of the copywriting services I offer.

Take a look at some of my best copywriting, for big brands, SMEs and everything in between.

“Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing for Colordarcy. We can’t express how grateful we are — keep it up. I shall have three new projects for you on Friday.”

Loxley McKenzie, Colordarcy Investment Ltd

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