“Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing for Colordarcy. We can’t express how grateful we are — keep it up. I shall have three new projects for you on Friday.”

Loxley McKenzie, Colordarcy Investment Ltd

“This is my first experience working with Nigel and I have found him to be professional, creative, punctual, understanding and brilliant at what he does. My client was delighted with his work and could not believe how he turned four pages of ordinary words into mind-blowing copy for his website. I’ll be using Nigel again and will recommend him to my business associates.”

Joanne Cunningham, Simply Marketing, Ireland

“I hired Nigel to write copy for me for a newsletter and a mailer and he came back both times with great, creative and funny copy. He listened to my spec and came back within two days with exactly what I needed. He’s also a thoroughly nice person and I would use his services again in a hot second.”

Maire Hanley, On-Demand Technology, Ireland

“Nigel is an excellent copywriter and has helped me on several occasions refine important marketing messages and proposals. He always makes sure he understands the brief and invariably delivers ahead of time.”

Roger Steare, Ethics Consultant, Kent

“Nigel always surprises me with his totally different take on a subject, and I always say ‘I could never have done that’. He’s intelligent, creative and witty, with a great turn of phrase that can make the mundane inspirational.”

Cindy Scott, Fly Design, London

“Really brilliant and inspiring work. What a find you are!”

Alex Mills, Green Face

“These are f****** brilliant.”

Peter Sutton, Sutton Co. Design Consultancy, Cambridge

“I absolutely love it! It’s hit the nail on the head. It’s certainly got personality, but strikes totally the right balance! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for... can’t wait to launch! I’m REALLY happy with this — I hope to come back to you with future projects!”

Sue Pardoe, The Counsel, Leeds and London

“Absolutely [ insert superlatives here ]! I was very impressed with the rapid turnaround time, but after I’d had a chance to read the letter and classified ad I was blown away (I hate to use cliches, but that’s the way it was). The page is perfection in print.”

Kelvin Eastgate, Azpire Ltd

“You’ve taken on a new apprentice. Your website and portfolio are top-shelf material and I’ve learned heaps in just the short amount of time that I’ve been under your tutelage. Your story has inspired me a great deal. I’m 26 and I’ve been a copywriter for about 21 of those years, although a practising one for just the last four. I’ll save the rest of the story for my memoirs — but thanks again for providing a sterling example.”

Your humble student, Jamaal Lassiter, copywriter

“I just got your copy. I now know why you are the best at what you do. I hardly gave you any information but you have put together a wonderful piece. Thank you sincerely. I will let you know of any changes. Cheque is on its way.”

George Nwosu, Sports Classified, Luton

“Looking for a press release for my journey-logging website, I approached a few PR agencies but got quoted crazy prices. Then I found Nigel. He not only wrote me a great press release, but also got on the phone to the media as part of the deal. Within 48 hours, I was being photographed for the Northern Echo and was the main feature on the Century FM news. An unbeatable service.”

Neil Greer, Logmyjourney.com, Darlington

“Absolute genius.”

Premiership Live, Suffolk, UK

“I have just read your copy out aloud to my partner and we both think it’s bloody great!”

Natalie Sullivan, Design:fx Studio, Essex

“Your work is just brilliant. I could not have come up with that in a million years. My brides will dribble all over your words — which is just perfect.”

Julian Porter, Julian Porter Photography, Southampton

“As much as we’d love to take credit for our design skills as the sole factor in our success, I had people phoning asking for a website with the same content as our own on it. Nigel quadrupled our contact rate in less than 48 hours by creating four pages. We can only imagine what he’d have done with five!”

Tom Cahalan, Coding Monkeys, Suffolk

“We found Nigel when searching for a copywriter on Google. Not having met him, I was a bit nervous about conducting the whole project over the phone and web. I needn’t have worried — Nigel was fantastic, working us through the process with ease and minimum effort on our part. Extremely pleased with the result — Nigel gave us perfect copy, with easily accessible, high-quality writing. Very pleased to have found him and would recommend without hesitation.”

Ross Williams, Rawnet Limited, Windsor, UK

“Brilliant work. A terrific job and an invoice for slightly less than I expected. What more could I want?”

Damian Guy, Tradeconfidence, Bath, UK

“Very, very impressive brochure. Really pleased with what you’ve done — so much so that we’re posting you a cheque today. Congratulations — you’re now our copywriter of choice, and we’ll be using you for our website and e-marketing campaigns.”

Rob Lipscombe, Archer UK, Hertfordshire

“Our objective for using a professional copywriter was to enhance the impact of our e-broadcast campaigns, which drive prospects to our clients’ online partner programs. You’ve already helped us to achieve this by writing such great copy for the first e-broadcast campaign briefed in to you. Thank you. Our client is delighted with the copy, too. I’m looking forward to working with you on lots more client projects.”

Eileen Cannon, Se7en Marketing, Buckinghamshire

“You’re a wonderful copywriter, Nigel. Your headlines are outstanding.”

Eileen Cannon, Se7en Marketing Limited, Buckinghamshire

“Your letter was very good. I have had a very, very good response — so far, about £25,000-worth of work. Thank you very much.”

Abdul Malik, Language to Language, Derbyshire

“I went months without a sniff of an enquiry. Within two days of your Web copy going live, I’ve had four enquiries and three people signing up for trials. I’m swamped. I can’t think straight any more. You must be the Web’s best-kept secret.”

Kevin O’Brien, Webpower Services, Oxfordshire

“If I need any more help with copy, you will definitely be my first port of call. Not one single job was amended — everything was spot on.”

Paula Atkinson, TMP Worldwide, Leeds

“You are most gifted — out of the vaguest of briefs, you have crafted copy that really works. Mightier Than is a real find!”

Alex Goudge, Hitachi Software, London

“Nigel’s understanding, skill and creativity are outstanding. On time and on budget, Nigel can’t be recommended enough. Stringing a few words of copy is one thing, creating your message with flair, energy and passion requires skill. Nigel’s copy zings off the page and his ability to grasp our business has been invaluable. We will certainly be using his talents again.”

Arnold Ferrier, The Sports Nutrition Company, Brighton

“Great, thanks. I love it! You’re a natural!”

Gillian Hunter, Aardmaan Communications, Leicestershire

“God-given skills.”

Ross Smith, Mindshelf Marketing Consultancy, Nottingham

“Nigel writes for human beings. He is always clear, direct and very, very readable. He uses meticulous English. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Colin Firth, Clock Creative, Greater Manchester

“I was stunned at how quickly you grasped the brief and turned it around. This is sparkling brochure copy. Thank you.”

Antony Pawlett, Camhire, West Yorkshire

“Simply fantastic copy. Somehow, with an incredibly sketchy brief, you managed to hit the nail bang on the head. It’s exactly what we were looking for. An amazingly quick turnaround, too, and great value — I was quoted a lot more for similar work, but that doesn’t mean you can charge me more next time.”

Andy Shaw, Bluprint, Merseyside

“I don’t want to swell your head or anything, but I’ve just started going through these and they are fab! I’m actually enjoying reading about my own business.”

Damian Davies, Timebank UK, Hereford.

“Making boxes sound sexy… the greatest of challenges in the shortest of timescales — and you haven’t failed to deliver! We’re really pleased with your work and look forward to developing our working relationship on other clients’ projects.”

Ryan James, Essential Marketing, Swindon

Action Network magazine has used the services of Mightier Than on a regular basis for the last five years. We’ve always found them to be both reliable and flexible regardless of the brief we throw at them and, equally important, fast in turnaround time.”

Malcolm Lee, Editor, Action Network

“The soundfile of your radio ad is attached. We were absolutely mobbed over the last five days. On the first day of the sale, people queued for 2.5 hours! ”

Johanna, Kiltrea Pottery Ltd, Ireland

“Nigel’s a lovely young chap. But I do wish he’d get himself a steady job in a firm of accountants.”

Mrs Graber

“Wow. Brilliant, excellent, inspiring. I am in awe. I have nothing to add. Please send me your invoice ASAP. ”

Andrew Alli, KARE Financial Management Consultants Ltd

“This guy is good, VERY good. Looking forward to working with him again.”

Peter Sutton, Sutton Co.

“We are a creative agency always looking for great copywriters to help us deliver an individual and unique feel for each of our clients. Great copywriter, really understands a brief and delivers top-quality work. This has been a fast, easy and professional delivery of the brief which has been spot on.”

Sam Robertson, 7am Creative, London

“Nigel is a gifted copywriter, able to cut through the excessive language used by most companies and offer up insightful and engaging content. Very fast turnaround and excellent attention to detail. Highly recommended.”

Kevin Dowling, Octopus Investments, London

“Nigel is a truly talented copywriter. He can add that special touch to your copy that makes all the difference. He’s professional, reliable, easy to work with. We would highly recommend him.”

Ilona Filipi, Moove Agency, London

“Our company has been working with Nigel for a long time and we are always impressed with the quality of his work. Nigel displays exceptional talent not only in copywriting, but also in overall conceptual development.”

Vitaly Dmitriev, Pikkles Agency, Tokyo

“Nigel’s copywriting speaks for itself — he can make words work. Willing and resourceful, Mightier Than are a necessary support to any creative challenge.”

R Aris, OLIbord, Dorset

“Nigel has fully re-written our website and we are amazed by the results. Fast service and value for money. We have started seeing results already. Thanks. ”

Lee Scott, Kingston CAD Solutions, Hull

“I’ve worked with Nigel for several years and he’s created copy for both our marketing collateral and our website. Nigel is a hugely talented writer. He’s able to write straight corporate copy and stuff that’s completely off the wall. Either way, he always delivers on time. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

Gavin John, StoneShot, London and New York

“High-quality work and a fast turnaround. Nigel is professional and helpful and is a talented writer.”

Soap Media Ltd, Preston

“We asked Nigel to completely re-write our website contents and case studies library from scratch. The end product was very well received by our clients and he was fast in delivery. Highly recommended.”

Jason de Luca, Smart Partners KK, Tokyo

“We’ve worked with Nigel for many years and he always produces just the copy we are looking for — highly evocative writing that conveys facts with feeling. Nigel is always quick to respond and highly organised in his approach to our work. Always a pleasure to work with him.”

Michael Foster, The Big Cottage Company, Cheltenham

“Sue and I have used Mightier Than several times and it’s had a huge positive impact on our business. The process from start to finish is simple and the end results are amazing. We still use them five years on.”

Julian Porter, Julian Porter Photography, Southampton

“A small suggestion — perhaps you should change your signature to Nigel Graber, GENIUS, Copywriter. :) Amazing!!!”

Yolanda, Health Coach

“You are right about what you said on your website. Your work is Macromedia Flash and I’m the clip-art girl.”

Sana, Western Watches

“Nigel produced outstanding copy for my new business website which has helped me take my business to a new level. He works super fast and I would use Nigel again in the future. If you want great copy writing Nigel is your man.”

Douglas Kilpatrick, Aberdeen

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