For: Iconic Home

A radical approach to website copy for a fancy home-technology business. Sadly, the client went with something tamer.


I have discovered control. I monitor my home from my notebook. Open my garage door with my phone. Synch my music between my Suffolk home and the Algarve escape.

As my car sweeps into the village, my bath runs deep and hot at 37 degrees. Once home, I can light a path to the wet room with a forefinger’s glance. In the living room, the curtains glide on remote, the projector drops and lights dim to movie mode.

I live in a world where the children’s plasma screen shuts off at the watershed. Where we read to them as the lights fade imperceptibly and their eyes grow heavy. A world of zonal music and wireless beauty.

On special evenings, glasses clink and moods gel as the spot lighting morphs new perceptions of familiar spaces. Creating focal points and setting scenes for memorable nights.

The Iconic Home is where the heart of technology beats loudest.

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