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Let’s hear it for Big Al. Possibly.

Unleash your spiritual energy — hear Al Gore speak at West Coast 2008

September 25th-27th, San Jose Convention Center, Silicon Valley, CA

Many have spoken before about environmentalism. They’ve been well-meaning. They’ve made the right noises. They’ll tell you that the Earth’s getting warmer. That the Arctic ice-cap is receding.

We nodded sagely. We agreed. Then we went back to our overheated homes, took our gas-guzzlers on the school run, and flew to Cuba on vacation.

Then along came a man of such stature that his voice paralysed you, cutting across your consciousness like a rifle shot.

He made a film that eloquently and passionately wove his life story with the irrefutable science of climate change. It took home a couple of Oscars. He set up an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Together, they claimed the Nobel Peace Prize. He spurned the chance to become President. Because of his beliefs.

Al Gore has made the evidence on global warming compelling. Because it’s his passionate belief that compelling evidence can lead to positive action. He’s a former Vice-President of the US, yet he insists his cause is moral, not political. And he’s the perfect spokesman for this age of consequences.

Powerful, compelling and urgent, Al Gore will address West Coast Green, held September 25th — 27th at San Jose Convention Center, Silicon Valley, CA. He’ll explore cutting-edge innovation as it relates to the building industry.

Al Gore will tell you how it’s imperative for the building industry to ‘green?’ itself. How architects, engineers and homeowners can help. How he’s dedicated his career to environmental change. And about how, when we unite for a true and good moral purpose, the spiritual energy we unleash can transform us.

Al Gore stands for principles, values, law and treaties that release creativity and initiative at every level of society. He stands alone, as the man who spurned the ‘triviality and artifice and nonsense’ of politics for the chance to shift the world a degree or two on its axis.

Come to West Coast Green 2008 and hear Al Gore. Hear also a prestigious line-up of speakers that includes best-selling authors Sarah Susanka and David Suzuki, Hunter Lovins, John Knott and Jerry Brown. Hear economists, architects, builders, venture capitalists, strategists, CEOs, and government officials.

See innovation in action. Widen your vision. Stimulate your thinking. And find out if the planet betrayed us, or if we betrayed the planet.

The arena is filling fast. Get your application in before Independence Day and get a FREE XXXX. In any case, by midnight on 11 July. Click here or call XXX XXX XXXXX.

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