For: The Mind Reader

Psychologically disturbing copy for Simon Grant.

Prepare to be… unsettled

How do you like your evenings? Dark, sinister, with an unsettling, unnerving edge? Then spend one in the company of Simon Grant. As Simon’s powerful agenda unravels, you will appear to enter a parallel world. A world in which the language is unspoken, the terrain unmapped and the only currency is thought. You’ll be entering a dark place, where weight of suggestion and force of illusion rule; a place, indeed, in which you appear to connect with the dead.

Weaving intuition and subtle influence, Simon’s show will leave a lasting impression. He uses psychological suggestion, neuro-linguistic programming and unconscious communication to pare away your defences, to get in close and to reveal detail that only you would know. Make no mistake, this show is intrusive — so intrusive that he appears to peer into your soul and steal your mind.

Without question, you will think Simon’s show is real. So take a friend. And hold on tight.

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