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It only takes a second to make a sale. Ron.

Want to watch live football on your PC?

Want to watch live football on your PC?
Want more choice?
Want to pay just 6p a game?

If you watch live football at home, you’ll know it’s a game of two halves. The half who can afford it, and the half who can’t. Cos it costs money. Huge muddy goalmouths of the stuff. In fact, you have to dip your hand so far into your pocket, you could tie your trainers. And, when you’re down there, they just don’t go in, do they?

Truth is, you’re not exactly spoilt for choice either. Your leading satellite provider hogs the show with around 100 games a year. Some things just don’t even themselves out over a season, Barry.

But, wait. We’re different. Oh yes.

Watch 80% of Premiership games

If you’ve got a PC or laptop, you can watch live football with us. You’ll get 80% of the Premiership matches, the Champions’ League, half the Bundesliga games, Spanish footy, Italian, the English and Scottish leagues — and much more. We’ll give you access to around 150 games a month. At about 6p a game. Whether you’re at home, at work or sitting on a train.

Ah, you say, but I’ll need loads of software and hardware. I’ll need to get a man wearing overalls to come round and grunt at me. And I’ll have a huge green cable running across my coffee table.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. You’ll get some free software that a cavegirl could install. And that’s it. You can then watch live football (and other sports). Right away. Really.

Watch live football on telly

Even better, you’ll get 24/7 back-up in case of problems. And there’s no contract — you can red-card us whenever you want. Our boffins are even working on a way to get the games beamed onto your telly. So stick around.

So why not sign-up, early doors? Just click here. After all, it only takes a second to score a goal. Ron.

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