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The art of moments

Moments are an art, not a science. There’s no technical precision behind a moment. They’re beautiful happenstances of light and movement and observation: a tangle of hair in the late-afternoon sun; children laughing on an English lawn; an ivory dress in a marble hall.

Yes, moments are romantic. Yet, as the shutter falls, romantic observation is etched forever in digital format. That’s Julian Porter Photography — a perfect marriage of the romantic and the technical.

Julian Porter (LMPA) would rather capture a moment than create it. Yet he pulls apart computers for fun. He loves the beauty and the joy of weddings. Yet he’s as happy in his digital editing suite as he is capturing the play of light around the smiling face of a beautiful bridesmaid.

Julian will arrive far too early for your wedding, and he’ll work with meticulous attention to detail. He’ll have two cameras around his neck, while Sue, his wife of 23 years, will carry another. It’s a dual perspective on the biggest day of your life.

You won’t notice them at your wedding. They’ll dress and act like guests. They’ll mingle and chat. They’ll nibble. They might even sip some wine. She’ll cry at the speeches; he’ll laugh fondly at her. In between, they’ll be hard at work, capturing moments like there’s no tomorrow.

This is storybook photography at its best. A proud member of the prestigious Master Photographers’ Association (MPA), Julian seals each moment with a genuine love for his work. Then, when the flowers have faded and the confetti’s swept away, he and Sue will offer you a seat in their viewing room and a choice of beautiful album packages, as they head towards the coffee maker.

You won’t have to wait too long. They’ll be with you in a moment.

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