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No squirrels harmed here.

About Green Face

Deep in the Suffolk countryside, in a place so rural that the birds make their own chutney, lives Green Face.

Green Face is a big friendly giant. He loves the creatures of the forest, twiddly classical music and his hairy dog called Maggie.

But, deep down, Green Face was troubled. He saw the way the visitors to the forest dropped their litter, the way the air filled with smoke on school mornings, and the way the silly farmers spoiled the waterways with herbicides and pesticides.

Green Face decided something had to be done.

With his friends the squirrels, Green Face spent two years searching high and low (mainly high) for products that worked and were natural and safe.

Then, one day, way up in an old oak tree in a forest clearing, Green Face found Seventh Generation non-toxic household and baby products. Seventh Generation told Green Face about his friends, Preserve, Bod and Apple & Bee. About how planet-friendly they were. And about how handsome in a prince-meets-household-products sort of way they were.

And so Green Face the company was born, selling Seventh Generation, Preserve, Bod and Apple & Bee to top health-food stores and Sainsbury’s too. And to you, online.

What’s more, Green Face harmed no squirrels during the creation of this page.

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