For: Sami Yusuf

I’ve worked with Sami, Asia’s biggest pop star, on a few projects now. He even sang to me down the phone. Bless. In an increasingly discordant world, Sami’s music presents an important message of peace. These are the sleeve notes from his latest album.

Sleeve notes from Sami Yusuf album

With 34 million albums sold worldwide, British singer-songwriter Sami Yusuf is a global sensation whose message of love and peace unites fans of all creeds. Indeed, as a United Nations Ambassador, Sami has a mission that goes far beyond music.

In December 2012, on a memorable night in Doha, Sami became the world’s first artist to sell out the Katara Amphitheatre. The concert was a spectacular success, showcasing Sami’s unique musical style, Spiritique, a fusion of Middle Eastern and Western harmonics underpinned by a haunting spirituality.

Live at the Katara Amphitheatre captures the event in full. Listen again to classics such as Healing and Ala Bi Dhikrika. Be charmed by 11-year-old Jana Hajj-Ali, who won the chance to duet with Sami in open auditions. And let the soaring spirituality of Sami’s music infuse your soul.

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