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New journey-logging website increases travel safety

This month in Manchester, a bogus taxi driver was found guilty of raping a 42-year-old woman he picked up early one morning after a night out. The woman felt that she was getting into a genuine taxi and accepted his offer of a lift. Thankfully, the man is now behind bars after CCTV and DNA evidence.

Sadly, such tales are all too common these days. However, an innovative new website aims to ease travellers’ worries by allowing them to log their journey details. In the above example, had the lady been registered with, she could have used her mobile phone to text the car registration number to the site, to be logged on a computer, at the same time informing the driver that she had done so.

Logging the journey like this acts as a deterrent to wrongdoers and provides a trail of evidence for the police should anything untoward happen. The service, which is free, is also of great value to hitchhikers, students who accept lifts from strangers, and gap-year travellers, who can even register which hotel or hostel they are staying in.

In fact, the service is so flexible that users can even record important to-do messages for the following day at work, or special moments such as a child being born or the time their team wins the cup final. One subscriber uses to remember ideas for a book that he’s writing.

But travel safety is the principal idea behind the site, which is the brainchild of Neil Greer. Says Neil: “Safety is a key issue for anyone travelling these days. Getting into a taxi or a stranger’s car after a night out — or especially hitchhiking while on a gap year abroad — are activities fraught with danger and worry. Logging details of your journey on our computer takes a lot of the danger and anxiety away.

“Probably the best thing is that it’s so quick and cheap. Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days and logging your journey is as quick as sending a text message. Registration is free — you just pay for your text messages — so it’s really a can’t-lose situation for anyone worried about their safety while on the move.?“

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