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Healthy? Kids? It’ll never sell

Unique vitamin-rich milk fruit drink hits the UK

A healthy, tasty new fruity-milk drink once produced in Caribbean kitchens has hit the UK for the first time this week. Barzy’s says that its pineapple milk drink could be the answer to parents’ prayers, as it tastes delicious yet contains no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners — just genuine Caribbean spices, milk and an amazing 25% fruit juice.

This five-vitamin content (A, B, C, D and K) makes Barzy’s drink, of which the pineapple flavour could be just the first, unique among the UK flavoured-milk market. The company points to Mintel research (enclosed) that suggests that this market is ready to take off in the UK as it has in Europe — because people want healthier options. Barzy’s is offering such an option — in the shape of a delicious, healthy product that children will actually drink.

The best thing about Barzy’s drink, which can be stored at room temperature, is that people don’t have to be Caribbean to love it. In market research (attached), Barzy’s found that the pineapple drink was overwhelmingly liked by a mixed (in age, race and sex) group of people.

The drink is being sold in mainstream supermarkets and warehouses, like Asda, Tesco and Costco. These stockists appreciate the long shelf-life — at least six months — of the drink, as it cuts wastage to a minimum. They also pay no VAT on their orders. Packaging is to a high standard — Barzy’s is contract-packed by a contractor accredited at a Higher Level to The British Retail Consortium (BRC) Technical Standard.

Says Managing Director Neville Williams: “The UK market has been crying out for a drink like this. It doesn’t create hyperactive kids, like some drinks can, and it’s packed with goodness. It’s different to other milky fruit drinks in that it contains 25% fruit juice — no other similar product comes close to that — and it has warm Caribbean spices too. Our market-research group absolutely loved it.”

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