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The £125k — and counting — sales letter

Translation for every language under the sun

Dear X

Want a public-sector translation service that offers every language under the sun?

In multi-cultural Britain, it’s getting harder and harder to communicate. So many people, so many languages. But it’s vital that your printed materials are translated consistently — for all the various minority groups that you have to reach.

At Language to Language, we’ve helped dozens of public-sector organisations like yours. Bedfordshire County Council, Bristol City Council and Staffordshire County Council are just a few of the many authorities that have saved money, time and hassle by working with us. NHS Trusts, too, like Guy’s and St Thomas’, Preston Primary Care and Hartlepool, trust us to deliver. Not to mention other bodies such as Age Concern, the British Lung Foundation and private-sector groups such as solicitors and pharmaceutical companies. (See our enclosed brochure for the full list.)

With Language to Language, you get every language under the sun — from the same supplier. We handle Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujurati, Chinese, Somali and Vietnamese, and European languages too. So, it’s just one phone call, one point of contact, and one standard of service — your satisfaction.

You’ll find we can handle any document — you name it, we translate it. You’ll also find us quick, reliable, accurate and cost-effective. We’ve been in the business for over a decade and have a reputation for flawless delivery.

If you’re interested in assessing the relevance of these ideas for your own authority, simply e-mail the document you want translated (in ANY language) to, and we’ll give you a FREE quotation by return.

Yours sincerely…

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