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Something for boys in blue to ponder.

Briefing information not all that’s getting away?

[image of criminal fleeing a crime scene]

With the ability to save your briefing information, interactive maps, an emergency services briefing package, videoconferencing and the Internet, Hitachi’s StarBoard interactive whiteboard is now in use by police Europe-wide. In fact, we’ve set up a department dedicated to the Emergency Services — because StarBoard has become such a crucial tool.

Don’t let it get away.

A name you can trust, a product you can rely on

What if, instead of using pins and paper maps to mark escape routes from a crime scene, you could create interactive maps on a huge screen? You’d have a quick, accurate, highly visual reference point.

What if, instead of your officers taking notes at your briefings, they were given printed copies afterwards? They’d be able to focus fully on what was being said.

What if you could show videos, give PowerPoint presentations and videoconference? You’d have a highly interactive, visual, collaborative tool.

With StarBoard from Hitachi — world-renowned for quality and reliability — all this and more is possible. Our dedicated emergency-services department can even give you consultancy — as much or as little as you need.

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