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Was there ever a more-persuasive headline?

Can you think of a better way of saving £106,000 in tax this year than acquiring a free villa in Cyprus?

That Mr Osborne seems like a nice chap. Until he takes away 45% of your earnings at year-end, that is. So how would you like to keep around £106,000 from him AND get your business a free villa in Cyprus with private pool?

Of course, Angus Homes’ British timber-framed villas in lovely Argaka come at a price (from £237,000). But it’s the money you’ll make from rental — around £500 a week, year round — that makes them effectively free.

But that tax dodge isn’t legal, is it? Well, yes, it is. Transfer your UK money into your Cyprus property and you won’t pay a single Euro in tax. You can even buy one using your pension. Once you own your property, you’ll find it ideal for:

•Entertaining clients in style
•Offering sales incentives
•Corporate golfing trips.

Argaka is golf heaven. Pay and play at the two 18-hole championship courses right next door. A new marina, five-star hotel and casino are also planned. And all in the island’s best-kept secret, a beautiful area of coastal hills, shimmering water, old-world villages and beach turtles.

Your villa? It’s fully equipped with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, pool, air-con, satellite TV, outside shower and much more. Oh, and we’ll take care of rental and maintenance.

But if you want to make the business investment of a lifetime, time is running out. We have only NINE properties left and they’re selling like fresh shamali cakes. So, be quick. In fact, enquire before 31st July and enjoy a whole week in an Argaka villa absolutely FREE, with no obligation.

E-mail Angus Homes today at or call us for a no-pressure chat on 01224 566526. Find out more online at

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PS Act before 31st July to get that FREE week in beautiful Cyprus

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