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A brochure designed to sell an easier time to teachers

The classroom revolution you’ve been waiting for

The simplest, fastest, most advanced interactive teaching aid you can buy

Fire lit your eyes as the door to your teacher-training college closed behind you. You were ready to take on the world; ready to make a difference.

Maybe you have. But you’ll have done it against the odds. The preparation, the outdated technology and today’s short attention spans have left you praying for a revolution.

That revolution is here now — the blackboard for the 21st century and the blueprint for the future of education. The Cambridge Board from Hitachi is, quite simply, the most advanced interactive teaching aid you can lay your hands on. It will get your students interacting with you, with each other, or with almost anyone from around the world.

faster than thought

With some interactive whiteboards, you have to write slowly so they can catch up. But the Cambridge captures pen strokes at three metres a second faster than you can think.

Others can’t be used as ordinary copy boards as well. The Cambridge will take ordinary dry-erase markers.

Some are hard to operate. But you can grasp the Cambridge software in around 15 minutes.

Others are technically advanced but flimsy. The Cambridge is the most durable board you can buy.

live videoconferencing

Your lessons will go from hyperactive to interactive, as you videoconference, link your webcam to any topic expert or school around the world, preload your lesson plans, use the Cambridge University Press software that we provide, annotate electronically on presentations, and save tried-and-tested lessons to your Favourites area.

In fact, if you can do it on a fully equipped, networked broadband computer, you can do it on the Cambridge Board.

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