For: Crescent Moon

Swagged copy for a group of marquee stylists

Marquee decor by Crescent Moon

Where cut-glass Taittinger clinks and the conversation flows, you’ll find marquee decor by Crescent Moon. Sophisticated, yes. Stunning, of course. Immaculately presented. Yet a little bit edgy, a little bit rock n’ roll. Whether your wedding or themed event shouts above the laughter or whispers across white linen, our marquee linings, lighting, draping, furniture, props and table decor will always convey the essential you.

Weddings with a party feel. Corporate events with a dynamic edge. Your design is temporary but the impression lasts forever. As simple and stylish as the whitest of weddings or as theatrical as a swagged stage curtain, we know no limits. A favoured supplier to many marquee and venue companies, we’re on the lips of top wedding and event co-ordinators, and on the contacts list of socialites across Britain and beyond.

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