And a freelance tennis journalist too…

Looking for a freelance tennis journalist or reporter? With 18 years as a journalist, editor and copywriter behind me, and a lifetime spent in mortal combat with the game, I’m your man.

Freelance tennis journalist? For sure, as a certain Swede might say. Let’s examine the evidence. Four years in journalism, two as an editor, and 16 — and counting — as a copywriter. A lifelong love of tennis. Countless hours spent picking the ball from the base of the net. Maybe even more spent ogling Mac’s swinging lefty serve and Evert’s immaculate groundstrokes, and debating whether or not Roger Federer is a projected hologram.

Published tennis journalism

Published freelance tennis journalism? Well, yes. Online, on Tennis magazine’s website, in Action Network magazine, and as a news reporter on the acclaimed Murraysworld fansite. I’ll write about the pro circuit (ATP and WTA), the club scene, juniors, seniors, tennis legends, Davis Cup, the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) debate, British tennis (and other oxymorons), racket and string technology — whatever. If there’s a green ball and a bat involved, I can be too.

Before we move on to this freelance tennis journalism stuff, what’s my playing pedigree? OK. First wielded a racket age 14 and went on to a moderately useful club career that’s seen me play first-team tennis for most of my twenties and thirties.

I also captained the university first team and landed an entry-level coaching badge, which led me to attempt to teach the game to schoolkids. This project was abandoned when they all tried to play like me — imparting four types of spin on the ball at once while transferring their weight backwards. The guilt.

Tennis reporter — book research

Freelance tennis journalism-wise, I’ll cover the sport from a lay or expert perspective. My knowledge of tennis from, say, Jimmy Connors’ blue period onwards, is not encyclopaedic, but is at least dictionary-aedic. In any case, what could be more fun than a spot of research into this great game?

Maybe you want a freelance tennis reporter or journalist to put a book together? I just took two steps nearer the net. I’ll do your interviews, conduct your research, meet your deadlines and inject it all with the same pizazz, humour and understated metaphor that’s won me worldwide plaudits for my freelance copywriting work.

Tennis reporter — editing

Then again, it might just be a spot of editing or proofreading as light as the feather touch on a crosscourt dropshot. Whatever your needs, and whatever the depth of your groundshots, if you’re looking for a freelance tennis journalist who’s experienced, witty, reliable, who actually knows what he’s talking about, and who constructs a sentence way better than he constructs a point, you could do worse.

So, stick me in the chair. If I call it wrong, just tell me that I cannot be serious. There’s no greater compliment.

For colossal tennis journalism, click here to email me or call me today on +44 (0)1772 435827 or +44 (0)7745 092037.

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