Want freelance copywriters in Wales?

’Freelance copywriters Wales’ probably brought you here from Google. So you might be disappointed to find that I’m not a freelance copywriter in Wales. I’m a freelance copywriter near Manchester. No matter. Tis but an hour away, and there’s no real need for your copywriter to live and work in Wales.

In truth, this is the digital age, and your freelance copywriter doesn’t need to be within striking distance — they can be in Wales, Wellingborough or Waikiki. Your copywriting project can be handled perfectly well over email, Skype and the phone.

Freelance copywriter — not in Wales

I’m Nigel, and I’m a freelance copywriter based in Lancashire (not Wales). I’ve been freelance since 2003, working through the line, across marketing, advertising and PR materials.

With over 20 years in copywriting, editing and journalism and almost 1500 freelance-copywriting assignments behind me, I’ve got the experience to make your copywriting project a success.

Wales copywriting projects

Sprinkled among those 1500 copywriting projects are a couple of dozen from clients based in Wales. They worked out great, despite me not showing up at the client’s premises and wolfing down their biscuits.

Where I’m going with this is that searching for a freelance copywriter who just happens to be in Wales could be a bit limiting. Finding copywriters in Wales who’ve worked on accounts like Hitachi, Siemens, Honda and the Royal Bank of Scotland could be tricky. Even trickier trying to find a copywriter in Wales approved by Innocent Drinks.

That’ll be me, by the way. A freelance copywriter equally skilled at working digitally or in print. In particular, my quirky, humorous copywriting has won acclaim far and wide. Well, as far as Cardiff, at least.

Wales copywriters. Just say no.

So, don’t limit your copywriting ambition to writers from Wales. Spread your wings across the Severn Bridge and entrust your copywriting project to a seasoned pro with a bunch of copywriting awards and an endless supply of Mini Eggs.

 Email me about your Wales copywriting project or call me for a chat on 01772 435827 or 07745 092037.

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Action Network magazine has used the services of Mightier Than on a regular basis for the last five years. We’ve always found them to be both reliable and flexible regardless of the brief we throw at them and, equally important, fast in turnaround time.”

Malcolm Lee, Editor, Action Network

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