Need a Nottingham-based freelance copywriter?

Freelance copywriters around Nottingham are few and far between. I should know. I searched Google for ‘freelance copywriters Nottingham’ and came up short (about five foot six). But here’s the good news: there’s probably no need for your freelance copywriter to be located in Nottingham.

Your freelance copywriter can be based just about anywhere — in Nottingham, Norwich or Nuremberg. This is the age of the Interweb and copywriting projects work out great using email, the phone and a PDF or two.

Freelance copywriter — not in Nottingham

Let me introduce myself. I’m Nigel and I run a freelance copywriting business based in Preston, Lancashire (not far from Manchester) and definitely not in Nottingham. I’ve been freelance since 2003, delivering against tight deadlines across marketing, advertising, PR and corporate communications.

I’ve got over 20 years’ writing, editing and copywriting experience and handled nearly 1500 freelance-copywriting assignments. That gives your copywriting project a great chance of success — because I’ll have done something similar before.

Nottingham copywriting projects

Naturally, I’ve tackled a number of copywriting projects from clients around Nottingham (Center Parcs springs to mind). They worked out just great and there was no requirement for me to turn up at the client’s Nottingham office and wolf all the cream cakes.

So, why limit yourself? Plumping for a freelance copywriter for your Nottingham project who just happens to be able to get down to your offices easily could be a bit restrictive. How many Nottingham copywriters have worked on accounts like Hitachi, Siemens and Honda? How many Nottingham copywriters have won the approval of Innocent Drinks?

Guilty on all charges. I’m a versatile copywriter who can work on web and digital copywriting and who can even turn his hand to features journalism. I have a particular strength in quirky, humorous copywriting — the sort you’ll find on the Innocent Drinks cartons.

Nottingham copywriters. Just say no.

So, there’s no need to entrust your Nottingham copywriting project to a local copywriter. You can work over the phone and email with an award-winning copywriter with first-class clients, a bunch of copywriting awards and an endless supply of Mini Eggs.

So email me about your Nottingham copywriting project or call me for a chat on 01772 435827 or 07745 092037.

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“God-given skills.”

Ross Smith, Mindshelf Marketing Consultancy, Nottingham

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