Want a freelance copywriter in London?

If you want a freelance copywriter in London, you’re probably a touch worried about what that might cost you. On location alone, London copywriters will charge you an arm and a leg. And part of your spleen. There’s also no guarantee that the ‘freelance copywriters London’ that Google throws up will be perfect for your project.

In any case, this is the age of the Interweb. That means that your freelance copywriter can be based anywhere — that could be London, Llandudno or Lisbon. Your freelance copywriting project can be handled just dandy over email, Skype and the phone.

Freelance copywriter — miles from London

So who am I, and why am I not copywriting in London? My name’s Nigel and I run Mightier Than, a freelance copywriting business that’s definitely not in London. These days, I do my copywriting from Lancashire, near Manchester, and have done since 2003. I work below the line, above the line and outside the M25. Whatever your London copywriting needs — marketing, advertising, PR or corporate communications — I can meet them.

I’ve put together a 20+-year copywriting career, handling nearly 1500 freelance-copywriting assignments for clients in Manchester, London and beyond. This vast body of stuff means that your London copywriting project has more chance of success — because I’ll have tackled something similar before.

London copywriting projects

Among those 1500 copywriting projects are a bunch from London clients. The clients loved my copywriting, without me showing up at their London office and scoffing all the eclairs.

Where I’m going with all this is two places. One: looking for freelance copywriters solely in London might be a bit restricting. And two: London copywriters tend to be a bit pricey. But now you can get London-standard copywriting for provincial rates. How many London copywriters have had Hitachi, Center Parcs and Honda as clients? How many London copywriters are on the Innocent Drinks approved-copywriters list?

Yes, Innocent Drinks. That’s me. I’m quirky, humorous and the holder of a clutch of awards for writing highly original copy.

London copywriters. Just say no.

So, don’t limit yourself to London copywriters. Give your copywriting project to a pro from the provinces.

So email me about your London copywriting project or call me for a chat on 01772 435827 or 07745 092037.

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“Nigel always surprises me with his totally different take on a subject, and I always say ‘I could never have done that’. He’s intelligent, creative and witty, with a great turn of phrase that can make the mundane inspirational.”

Cindy Scott, Fly Design, London

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