Need a copywriter In Leicester?

If you’re in Leicester and want a freelance copywriter, you probably reckon that searching for ‘freelance copywriters in Leicester’ will find you what you’re looking for. That’s OK. It’s just that there’s little need for your copywriter to be based in Leicester.

This is, after all, the age of the Internet, and business relationships work out just great over email, Skype and the phone, stirring in the odd PDF or two. This means that your freelance copywriter can be based just about anywhere — in Leicester, Leeds or Lobatse.

Freelance copywriter — not in Leicester

My name’s Nigel and I run Mightier Than. It’s a freelance copywriting business based just north of Manchester, in Preston, Lancashire. I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 2003, handling copywriting projects right across marketing, advertising, PR and corporate communications.

I’ve got more than 20 years’ writing, editing and copywriting experience behind me, as well as nearly 1500 freelance-copywriting assignments. This gives your Leicester copywriting project a great chance of success — because I’ll have done something similar before.

Leicester copywriting projects

Yes, I’ve worked with Leicester clients on copywriting projects. They worked out perfectly, without the need for me to turn up at the client’s Leicester office and scoff all the shortbread.

So, restricting your freelance copywriter search to writers based just in Leicester might put your project in jeopardy. Let’s face it, how many copywriters in Leicester have worked with Siemens, Honda, Monster and the Royal Bank of Scotland? How many Leicester copywriters enjoy the approval of Innocent Drinks?

I have. I’m a versatile copywriter who can work both on digital stuff and in print. And I’ve won plaudits, in particular, for my quirky, humorous copywriting, which works just as well in Leicester as anywhere else.

Leicester copywriters. Just say no.

So, limiting your search to ‘Freelance copywriters in Leicester’ might not find you what you need. After all, the success of your copywriting project might well hinge on how far your copywriter’s prepared to go rather than how far they’ve travelled.

Let’s chat about your Leicester copywriting project with no obligation. Call me today on 01772 435827 or 07745 092037 or email me here.

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“I went months without a sniff of an enquiry. Within two days of your Web copy going live, I’ve had four enquiries and three people signing up for trials. I’m swamped. I can’t think straight any more. You must be the Web’s best-kept secret.”

Kevin O’Brien, Webpower Services, Oxfordshire

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