Wanting a freelance copywriter in Coventry?

Needing a freelance copywriter in Coventry? You might have shown up here after a Google search for ‘freelance copywriters Coventry’. That’s logical. It’s just that, in my experience, your freelance copywriter doesn’t need to be located in Coventry.

This is, after all, the age of the Internet. So your freelance copywriting can be handled perfectly fine working remotely over the phone and email. They can be based just about anywhere — be it Coventry, Cardiff or Clackmannanshire.

Freelance copywriter — not Coventry-based

So, as you’ve probably guessed, I’m a freelance copywriter who’s not based in Coventry. In fact, I do my copywriting in Preston, Lancashire, not a million miles from Manchester. After a varied writing career, I’ve been freelance copywriting since 2003, working across marketing, advertising, PR and corporate communications.

That varied writing career spans journalism, in-house copywriting, editing and now freelance copywriting. I’ve worked on almost 1500 freelance-copywriting assignments, which means that your Coventry copywriting project has a good chance of success — because I’ll have done something similar before.

Coventry copywriting projects

Of course, I’ve a number of Coventry copywriting projects among those 1500. To date, they’ve all turned out just great and, thanks to the phone, email and the odd PDF, I had no need to show up in the client’s Coventry offices and wolf all the custard creams.

All of this means that limiting your search for a copywriter to the Coventry area could jeopardise the success of your project. How many Coventry copywriters have worked with clients like Hitachi, Siemens, Honda and Monster, as well as dozens of SMEs? How many Coventry copywriters have won the approval of Innocent Drinks?

I have. I’m a copywriter who’s versatile enough to work right across web stuff and print; from advertising and marketing to PR and features journalism. And I have a particular talent for quirky, humorous copywriting.

Coventry copywriters. Just say no.

So, don’t limit yourself. If you can find a Coventry copywriter who can do the job and you definitely need them to show up at your offices, go for it. If not, put your copywriting project in the hands of an award-winning, seasoned pro.

Let’s chat about your Coventry copywriting project. Call me today on 01772 435827 or 07745 092037 or email me here.

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“Looking for a press release for my journey-logging website, I approached a few PR agencies but got quoted crazy prices. Then I found Nigel. He not only wrote me a great press release, but also got on the phone to the media as part of the deal. Within 48 hours, I was being photographed for the Northern Echo and was the main feature on the Century FM news. An unbeatable service.”

Neil Greer, Logmyjourney.com, Darlington

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