Need a copywriter in Zurich?

’English freelance copywriter in Zurich’ — if you just entered that keyphrase into Google, I’d like to bet that you’re in Zurich and need an English copywriter.

But it seems there aren’t that many options. I just did that search myself for ‘freelance copywriters Zurich’. I found a number of Swiss nationals with half-decent English and some other locals who offer a combined copywriting-translation service. Those local Zurich copywriters could be fine for small-scale projects. However, to truly understand idiom, culture and branding, you need a native English copywriter.

Perhaps it’s time to stop your search for a freelance copywriter in Zurich and find a high-quality copywriter from the UK. After all, English is the language of business and the UK is the natural home of copywriting.

For your next Zurich copywriting project, you need a copywriter who fully understands the nature of brand-building. A copywriter with big-client experience. An English-language freelance copywriter with international experience.

Freelance copywriter — not in Zurich

That’s me. My name’s Nigel and I’m a freelance copywriter based in Manchester in the UK (not Zurich).

In over 20 years’ writing experience, I’ve worked with big companies like Honda, Hitachi and Siemens, on national and international copywriting projects. I’ve worked above the line and below the line, for business-to-business groups and consumer-facing companies.

My clients have come from all over the UK, the Middle East, Japan and China, and right across Europe. I have copywriting clients in Germany, France and Switzerland.

Let’s be honest, geography isn’t an issue these days. Your freelance copywriter can be based in Zurich, Zamora or Zanzibar. We all have email, we all have phones and we all have Skype. We can all fileshare.

Zurich copywriters

Take me on as your copywriter in Zurich and you’ll get loads of quality experience. Since starting as a freelance copywriter in 2003, I’ve tackled nearly 1500 copywriting projects. Prior to that, as a copywriter at telecoms giant Marconi, I worked on national and international campaigns.

Before that, I honed my writing skills as a journalist, and then as an editor with an international medical-communications agency.

For the perfect outcome to your Zurich copywriting project, there’s no need to find a copywriter in Zurich. Zurich copywriters might not have worked with Hitachi, Honda and Siemens, as I have. Zurich copywriters might not approved by fruit-drinks giant Innocent Drinks.

If you’re in Zurich, Geneva, Basel or anywhere else in Switzerland and need a copywriter, call me on +44 (0)1772 435827 or +44 (0)7745 092037, or just drop me an email.

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