Need a freelance copywriter in Sussex?

Need a freelance copywriter in Sussex? You’re in Brighton, Chichester or Crawley and need a freelance copywriter. Perhaps you ended up here after a search for ‘freelance copywriters Sussex’ or ‘Brighton copywriters’? That’s fair enough. You probably think that a local Sussex copywriter will be the best bet to make a success of your copywriting project.

But this is the age of the Internet. That means that your freelance copywriter can be located almost anywhere — be that Sussex, Surrey or the Sudan. Freelance copywriting works out just great over the phone and email, with a dash of PDFs thrown in.

Freelance copywriter — not in Sussex

So who am I? I’m Nigel and I run Mightier Than. It’s a copywriting business that’s definitely not in Brighton, Crawley or anywhere else in Sussex. In fact, my only connection with Sussex is that my aunty once lived in Horsham (and very pleasant it was, too). No, I’m in Lancashire (near Manchester).

I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 2003, operating right across the marketing, advertising and PR spectrum. I’ve attracted great clients like Hitachi, Center Parcs and Portakabin. My 1500 freelance-copywriting projects and over three million words mean that your copywriting project has a great chance of success — because I’ll have handled something similar before.

Before setting up as a freelance copywriter, I put in a 20-year shift in journalism, editing and copywriting. So I have a wicked way with words.

Sussex copywriters

Among those thousands of freelance copywriting projects are a sprinkling of jobs from Brighton, Crawley, Chichester and other towns in Sussex. Although I never saw the client face to face, those projects worked out just fine.

I believe that restricting your hunt for a copywriter to Sussex could damage the outcome of your project. How many Sussex copywriters have worked with clients such as Honda, Siemens and Monster? How many Sussex copywriters have won the approval of Innocent Drinks?

That’s me. I’m a versatile copywriter happy to work both on digital stuff and print. In particular, my quirky, humorous copywriting has won praise worldwide.

Sussex copywriters — just say no

So, don’t put limits on your project by looking for a copywriter who just happens to live in Sussex. The success of every copywriting project comes down to the talent and commitment of the copywriter, whether they live in Sussex or Sughulonga.

Let’s chat about your Sussex copywriting project. Call me on 01772 435827 or 07745 092037, or email me here.

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“Your work is just brilliant. I could not have come up with that in a million years. My brides will dribble all over your words — which is just perfect.”

Julian Porter, Julian Porter Photography, Southampton

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