Need a copywriter in Singapore?

’Freelance copywriters Singapore’. If you just searched for those words on Google, I’m guessing that you need an English-language copywriter in Singapore. I’m smart like that.

So, I’d also like to guess that you’re a business located in Singapore and you’re wanting to communicate with an international audience. Your first thought was that you needed an English copywriter to help you do that. That’ll be the reason you searched for a copywriter in Singapore.

I’ve no doubt there are some fine English-language freelance copywriters in Singapore. You’re welcome to choose one. However, you might find there are benefits to choosing a UK copywriter, especially as a copywriter in England uses English daily as his main language.

Freelance copywriter — not in Singapore

That’s me, by the way. I’m Nigel, a copywriter not in Singapore. No, I work from the UK but serve the world. As a copywriter based in England, I live and breathe the English language, which is always evolving and changing. I’m also aware of trends in the language and am media-aware in my native tongue.

Of course, these days, your freelance copywriter can be based just about anywhere. You might choose a copywriter based in Singapore but never meet them. So why compromise? Copywriting projects work out just fine using email, Skype and telephone.

Singapore copywriting

I’ve worked as a freelance copywriter since 2003. I’ve picked up some great clients in that time, many of them increasingly overseas, from across Europe and the Middle East all the way to Japan. Some of the big names I’ve written for are Hitachi, Honda and Siemens. I’ve tackled nearly 1500 freelance copywriting projects and won a few awards along the way. Those long-distance copywriting projects worked out fine, without any need for me to jump on a plane to Singapore.

So, limiting yourself to freelance copywriters based in Singapore could limit the success of your project. After all, you want the best copywriter for your work — not just the nearest.

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Alex Goudge, Hitachi Software, London

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