Searching for a freelance copywriter in Russia?

’Freelance copywriters Russia’: if you just entered that phrase into Google, it’s likely that you’re located in Russia and are looking for an English-language copywriter.

But you might not be overwhelmed with choice. I just put that same ‘freelance copywriters Russia’ search into Google. I found British expatriates and some Russian nationals who also work as translators. Those Russian speakers could be fine for some projects, but their understanding of idiom and culture probably won’t be good enough.

So, instead of searching for freelance copywriters in Russia, why not use the Internet to find your English-language copywriter?

Freelance copywriter — not in Russia

Hello. I’m Nigel and I’m a freelance copywriter not based in Russia. In fact, I’m in England, about 200 miles from London.

England is the home of copywriting. It should be the first place you call when you want an English-language freelance copywriter for your copywriting project in Russia.

And, these days, your freelance copywriter doesn’t need to be based in Russia. Thanks to the Internet, freelance copywriting projects run smoothly using Skype, the phone and email. You could employ a freelance copywriter based in Russia, Riyadh or Reykjavik.

Russia copywriters

I’ve got over 20 years’ writing experience and have worked as a freelance copywriter since 2003, delivering nearly 1500 copywriting projects. Many of them were for overseas clients, and those remote copywriting projects worked out perfectly. The client had no need to meet his freelance copywriter in his office in Rome or Melbourne.

So, don’t insist on freelance copywriters based in Russia. Russian copywriters might not have worked with Hitachi, Siemens and Honda, as I have. Russian copywriters might not be approved by fruit-drinks giant Innocent Drinks.

Let’s talk about your freelance copywriting project in Russia. Skype me at nigel.graber, email me here or call me on +44 (0)1772 435827 or +44 (0)7745 092037.

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