The king of quirky, humorous copywriting?

Quirky, humorous copywriting has truly come of age since the chaps at Innocent Drinks decided that writing like a curious eight year old was the way to go.

Quirky and engaging copywriter

In the last few years, I’ve lost count of the number of potential clients who’ve emailed me saying, ‘We want some quirky and engaging copywriting — just like Innocent Drinks’. Of course, I’ve been happy to provide it, because I seem to have become the King of Quirk.

This was confirmed when I chatted with Danny from the drinks company in question. He said he liked my work and put me on the Innocent roster of quirky copywriters. Not that I’ve ever been required. It’s clear that the odd blog and a new carton every few months can easily be handled in-house.

Quirky copywriting

But I have applied my quirky, humorous copywriting to other projects. Many of them. For three years, I wrote a weekly blog for Bingomania (and I also provided the website copy that helped the site to Runner-up in Bingo Site of the Year). Looking back at that stuff now, it wasn’t just quirky copywriting, it was full-on, off-the-wall zany.

Here’s a very brief excerpt to give you a flavour:

‘Dear Maniacs all,

It’s a Fathers’ Day special weekend at If you’re a dad, or even if you just think you might be, a really big shout-out from everyone at BingoMania. We hope your Fathers’ Day weekend brings you joy, love and a decent set of power tools.

Live it up responsibly, now.’

Humorous copywriting

But there’s an important point to be made here: there are degrees of quirk. In fact, were there such a thing as a quirkometer, I’d be able to help clients plot their tone of voice along a quirky copywriting spectrum, from mildly humorous copywriting to out-and-out fruity-go-loopy nuts.

Over the last six years or so, I’d estimate that 30% of the copywriting work I’ve tackled has been quirky copywriting. So if you’re looking for a quirky, humorous copywriter, you might just be on the right page.

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Maire Hanley, On-Demand Technology, Ireland

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