Need a copywriter in Norwich?

’Copywriter Norwich’ or ‘Norwich copywriter’ is what you just searched, right? That might be because you need a copywriter in Norwich. It’s also a reasonable guess that you feel that looking for a local copywriter in Norwich will get you the result you need.

It might work out that way. But not necessarily. In the age of the Internet, there’s rarely a need to meet clients. Your Norwich copywriter needn’t be in Norwich. In my experience, everything can be achieved using email, the phone and Skype.

Freelance copywriter — not in Norwich

So who am I? I’m Nigel, a freelance copywriter not based in Norwich, or anywhere near Norfolk. No, I’m close to Manchester.

In fact, I’ve never even been to East Anglia — except to catch the boat train to Holland. However, I do have 20-plus years’ writing, editing and copywriting experience. I write strong, persuasive copy for large corporates, SMEs and everything in between.

I work on websites, print material, direct mail, weblogs, articles, press releases — you name it. I’ve also worked with just about every industry you can imagine. Except floristry. (So, if you’re a Norwich florist needing copywriting, please get in touch.)

I have clients from Inverness to Plymouth and everywhere in between. Many of my copywriting customers are abroad, too, in places like France, Japan and China. Those international projects run just fine, thanks to modern technology.

Norwich copywriter

So, yes, I can understand you wanting a copywriter in Norwich or Norfolk, but there’s really no need. Location shouldn’t be an issue — it’s much more vital that your copywriter is right for the job and has the specific experience you need.

If you look for a copywriter in Norwich, you might also limit the results your project can achieve, and all just so that your copywriter can show up at your Norwich offices and scoff all the biscuits.

The other factor is that copywriting is quite metropolitan. The leading exponents tend to work in the big cities. That’s why you might not find a copywriter who’ll do justice to your project in Norwich.

So, don’t put constraints on your project just because you want a local copywriter from Norwich. The key factor is getting a copywriter with the skills and experience to get a great result.

Norwich copywriters — just say no

So, why not call me on 01772 435827 or 07745 092037 to have a chat about your project? Or just drop me an email.

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“Really brilliant and inspiring work. What a find you are!”

Alex Mills, Green Face

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