Looking for a copywriter in New York?

Looking for a copywriter in New York? Ever thought about an alternative to a New York copywriter?

Your UK copywriter is more creative than the New York copywriter — a bit less hard-sell. More floppy fringe than Brylcreemed quiff. More Hugh Grant, less Brad Pitt. Our British copywriting offers something different from the work of a copywriter in New York — something more subtly persuasive.

Copywriter in New York

But you’re adamant — you want a freelance copywriter in New York, so why should you settle for one in the UK? Well, perhaps you’re tired of those 24-page sales letters so beloved of the New York copywriter? Frankly, you need a vacation after making it to the end. And you deserve a Congressional Medal of Honor.

Let’s face it, business these days, especially in the GDT (that’ll be the Global Downturn), is all about points of difference. The way your copywriter writes your website or your brochures for your New York business could be all the difference you need.

Not a New York copywriter

Let me introduce myself. I’m Nigel (no, that really is my name). I’m not a New York copywriter. I’m based in Britain but I’ve provided copywriting for the New York market pretty often. As a British copywriter working for New York clients, my quirky humor (note spelling) goes down well. You don’t tend to get that with an American copywriter.

Copywriters in New York struggle to replicate that humorous, soft-sell approach that relies on subtle psychology. British smoothies firm Innocent Drinks has cornered the market in this kind of quirky copywriting. It’s a copywriting style that New York is slowly waking up to and one that can change the fortunes of New York firms looking for a copywriter with a difference.

Remote New York copywriter

But hey, your New York copywriter needs to be based in New York these days, doesn’t he? Because it’s not like we have a vast global network of interconnected computing with messaging and file-sharing capabilities or anything, is it?

We do? The worldwide what? Heck, you’ll be telling me we can talk remotely over some proprietary voice-over-Internet Protocol service and software application next. For zip. Now that would be something.

So, just to recap (and add). Nigel. Copywriter (not in New York). Awards and stuff. Hell, yes. Happy to work remotely and be paid in Cadbury’s Mini Eggs (Google it). Let’s talk.

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“We found Nigel when searching for a copywriter on Google. Not having met him, I was a bit nervous about conducting the whole project over the phone and web. I needn’t have worried — Nigel was fantastic, working us through the process with ease and minimum effort on our part. Extremely pleased with the result — Nigel gave us perfect copy, with easily accessible, high-quality writing. Very pleased to have found him and would recommend without hesitation.”

Ross Williams, Rawnet Limited, Windsor, UK

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