Need a copywriter in Los Angeles?

Need a copywriter in Los Angeles? Ever thought there might be an alternative to a Los Angeles freelance copywriter? Maybe a copywriter from the UK?

UK copywriters are usually more creative than the Los Angeles copywriter. Let’s be honest, Los Angeles copywriters, like most USA copywriters, are sell, sell, sell. It’s all a bit ‘in your face’. UK copywriting offers something a little different from Los Angeles copywriters. Think Hugh Grant, not Tom Cruise.

Freelance copywriter in Los Angeles

But if you’re dead-set on a freelance copywriter in Los Angeles, why should you go for one in the UK? Well, who isn’t tired of those 84-page sales letters that Los Angeles copywriters love so much? Hey, you should earn a vacation just for getting to page six. And a Congressional Medal of Honor.

(Note the US spelling there. Yep, I can change a nappy for a diaper, too.)

Let’s face it, business these days in what’s affectionately known as the GDT (the Global Downturn), all comes down to points of difference. And how your copywriter pens your website or your printed literature for your Los Angeles business could be just the difference you’ll need.

Not a Los Angeles copywriter

So, by now you’ll have guessed that I’m a freelance copywriter who’s not in Los Angeles. Correct. I’m Nigel and I run a successful copywriting business in the UK. I’ve worked as an honorary Los Angeles copywriter on several occasions. I work for LA businesses that want something different — a quirky approach in a crowded marketplace. You don’t get that with a Los Angeles copywriter.

Copywriters in Los Angeles struggle to find that soft-sell approach that has subtle psychology at is core. British smoothies firm Innocent Drinks understood that humour can buy trust and they put it all over their drinks cartons and website. In wacky (forgive me) Los Angeles, it’s a copywriting style that can work well. It can change the fortunes of Los Angeles firms looking for a copywriter with a difference.

Remote Los Angeles copywriter

But hey, your Los Angeles copywriter has to live in Los Angeles these days, eh? Because, of course, we don’t have some huge worldwide network of interconnected computers, do we? And we don’t have messaging and file-sharing either, eh?

What’s that? We do? Hell. You’ll tell me we can talk remotely at no expense over some proprietary voice-over-Internet Protocol service next. Now that really would be something.

So, let’s recap. Nigel. Copywriter (nowhere near Los Angeles). Awards (yep). Happy to work remotely. We should talk.

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