Legal copywriting for law firm marketing

Legal copywriting for your website, for social media and for online articles is a critical aspect of your law firm’s marketing these days. Fail to post frequently on key issues and you could find yourself among the sheep — when you should be snarling around the flock.

Legal copywriting is also vital for your law firm’s marketing in traditional print — corporate and recruitment brochures, leaflets and direct mail don’t write themselves.

Cost-effective legal copywriting

As a solicitor, though, you’re not necessarily the greatest legal copywriter. Nor do you have the time (or inclination, probably). Also, as a lawyer, you’re paid lots of money. Engage me for your legal copywriting and I’ll charge less than half your hourly rate. (Probably.) So it makes financial sense, too.

Surprisingly, former solicitors-turned-legal copywriters aren’t always the best option for your law firm’s marketing, either. I just visited the legal copywriting websites of two former solicitors and lost count of the number of grammatical mistakes.

Professional legal copywriting

Legal copywriting, then, is best left to the professionals. So who am I? And why am I the best legal writer for your law firm’s marketing?

Well, I’m a freelance copywriter by trade. As luck would have it, since 2003, my words just happened to have helped a bunch of law firms with their legal marketing. Perhaps it’s because my wife is a lawyer. Who knows? Anyway, I’m happy to say that I specialise in freelance legal copywriting.

The big names my legal copywriting has attracted include:

•Berwin Leighton Paisner
•Lawrence Graham
•Burges Salmon
•Mills & Reeve.

My legal writing for Lawrence Graham on the law firm’s marketing literature was awarded the Best Literature title from the Association of Graduate Recruiters. Perhaps it’s because of my non-legal background. Spotting wood in even the densest forest has never been a problem.

Take a look at this list of legal copywriting services. If what you need isn’t on the list, just ask:

•Legal website content
•Legal recruitment literature and websites
•Legal blogging and social media updates
•Legal articles and journalistic features
•Online legal articles and press releases
•Editing complex legal documents into plain English
•Law-firm newsletters
•Brochures, leaflets and corporate brochures
•In-house legal journals
•Legal case studies
•Biographies of law staff
•Radio commercials.

If your law firm’s marketing needs a leg-up from an experienced and effective freelance legal copywriter, call Nigel today on +44 (0)1772 435827 or +44 (0)7745 092037, or click here to email me.

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