Need a freelance copywriter in Italy?

’Freelance copywriters Italy’: if that’s the phrase you just searched for on Google, it’s probable that you’re based in Italy and need an English-language copywriter.

But you might be disappointed. I just ran that same ‘freelance copywriters Italy’ search myself and came up with a few British expats, a freelance journalist or two and some Italians who also work as translators. Those locals might be OK for certain projects, but Italian speakers won’t have the same grasp of idiom and culture as an English copywriter.

So, rather than hope to find decent freelance copywriters in Italy, why not look a little wider?

Freelance copywriter — not in Italy

Hi. I’m Nigel and I’m a freelance copywriter not based in Italy. In fact, I’m shivering away here in chilly England.

Yes, it might be cold here, but England is a hotbed of creative copywriting. It should be your first target if you want an English-language freelance copywriter for your copywriting project in Italy.

Of course, there’s no reason why your freelance copywriter has to be located in Italy. In the Internet age, freelance copywriting projects work out great, thanks to Skype, the phone and email. Your freelance copywriter could be based in Italy, India or Indiana.

Italy copywriters

I’ve been a professional freelance copywriter since 2003. In that time, I’ve delivered almost 1500 copywriting projects, including some for clients in Italy. Those copywriting projects worked out well, without any need for the client to meet his freelance copywriter in his Rome or Milan office.

So, don’t limit the success of your project by insisting on freelance copywriters based in Italy. Italian copywriters might not have worked with Hitachi, Siemens and Honda, as I have. Italian copywriters might not be approved by fruit-drinks giant Innocent Drinks.

So, email me here about your Italy freelance copywriting project, or call to talk it over on +44 (0)1772 435827 or +44 (0)7745 092037.

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