Need a freelance copywriter in Inverness?

If your business is in Inverness or the Scottish Highlands, you’d feel justified in looking for a freelance copywriter using a Google search such as ‘copywriters in Inverness’ or ‘Inverness copywriting’.

That’s understandable. You probably feel safe in assuming that getting hold of a copywriter in Inverness will help you get the result that you want.

But that’s not necessarily so. This is the age of the Internet and there’s rarely a need to meet clients these days. Everything can be achieved on email, the phone and over Skype.

Freelance copywriter — not in Inverness

Let me introduce myself. I’m Nigel. I’m a freelance copywriter who’s not based in Inverness, or anywhere near the Scottish Highlands. No, I’m near Manchester in England.

I don’t have much Scottish blood, but what I do have is 20-plus years’ writing and copywriting experience and an earnest desire to see your business succeed. I write strong copy for businesses large and small every day and I can do the same for you.

I work on website copy, brochures, direct mail, blogs, articles, advertising — you name it. I’ve also worked in just about every sector you can name. Except floristry. (So, if there are any Inverness florists out there needing copywriters, please get in touch.)

Most of my clients are spread around the country and several are abroad, in places like Canada, Japan and Russia. Those national and international projects run without a hitch, thanks to modern technology.

Quality Inverness copywriting

So, whilst it’s understandable that you wanted to find a copywriter in Inverness or the Scottish Highlands, there’s really no need. Location should be the least of your worries — of more pressing concern should be whether the copywriter is right for your job and the specific experience they can offer.

Perhaps, by looking for a copywriter in Inverness, you might even be compromising on quality, just so that your copywriter can show up at your Inverness offices and scoff all the biscuits.

Copywriting is a fairly metropolitan industry. Its top practitioners tend to be based in the bigger cities. That’s why it’s unlikely that you’ll find a copywriter who’ll do justice to your project in Inverness or the Scottish Highlands.

That said, you might not like the size of the fees that come with those big-city copywriters. In truth, I wouldn’t like to pay them, either. And, for the most part, unless you’re launching a big-budget TV campaign, you shouldn’t need to. If it’s a brochure, website, ad campaign or direct-mail piece you need, a copywriter from the shires will do nicely, thanks.

So, don’t limit the success of your project just because you feel you have to work with a freelance copywriter from Inverness. What’s important is to take on a copywriter with the skills and experience to get you a result.

Inverness copywriters — just say no

So, why not call me on 01772 435827 or 07745 092037 to have a chat about your project? Or just drop me an email.

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“If I need any more help with copy, you will definitely be my first port of call. Not one single job was amended — everything was spot on.”

Paula Atkinson, TMP Worldwide, Leeds

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