The hard truth about hiring a copywriter in the UK

So you’re after a copywriter?

Shame it’s not 2007. Remember that? Those heady days when you could take out a loan without having to prove your grandma wasn’t Greek.

See, in 2007, when you asked Google for a copywriter, that’s what you got.

An honest pro.

Today, you can trawl through millions of little Google ads and ramped-up websites and take your pick out of:

a) The boys from Bombay (OK, men from Mumbai) charging 2 dollars a page for something called web content that not even Google likes any more.
b) Laid-off marketing managers desperately trying their hand at freelance copywriting.
c) Those honest pros who were around in 2007.

I feel for you. Especially if your boss has asked you to find a copywriter online. Tough gig.

So here’s a checklist.

1) Has your copywriter got tons of experience?

I have over 20 years of the stuff.

2) Has your copywriter worked with big clients?

Here are some of mine:

•Software AG
•Royal Bank of Scotland
•Reebok Direct
•Lloyds Autolease
•Center Parcs.

3) What kind of copywriter is yours? There are different flavours, you know. Oh yes. Ad-agency copywriters, TV ad copywriters, long-copy copywriters, website copywriters, radio copywriters, US-style long-letter copywriters…

Me? I’m a sort of pleasant mix of printed brochure copy, print ads, web copywriting, journalism and a bit of radio.

The good news is that I was around in 2007 (and 2003). In fact, if you asked me to recommend a copywriter, there are about six who spring to mind. They were all plying their trade in 2007.

So, if it’s an honest pro you need, let me take two steps forward.

Let’s chat about your copywriting project with no obligation. Call me, Nigel, on 01772 435827 or 07745 092037 or email me here.

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“You are most gifted — out of the vaguest of briefs, you have crafted copy that really works. Mightier Than is a real find!”

Alex Goudge, Hitachi Software, London

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