Need a freelance copywriter in Essex?

You’re in Essex, so it’s pretty understandable that you began your search for a copywriter by keying ‘copywriters in Essex’ or ‘Essex copywriters’ into Google.

Nothing wrong with that. It’s fairly reasonable to assume that getting hold of a freelance copywriter in Essex would be how you’ll ensure your copywriting project is a success.

Essex copywriters

Let me introduce myself. I’m Nigel. I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 2003 and amassed well over a decade’s writing and editing experience before that. I write stunning copy for businesses large and small; home and abroad.

I’ll write for advertising, direct mail, PR, print and digital. Over the years, I’ve provided copywriting for just about every sector (except florists — so a big hello to Essex florists).

While I’m based near Manchester, most of my clients can be found spread around the UK. Many more are located in places like Switzerland and Australia.

That’s because there are so few copywriting projects that need copywriter and client to meet. Just about everything from that first chat on the phone to sign-off of finished copy can take place on email, Skype and the telephone.

So, whilst I fully appreciate why you wanted to get hold of a copywriter in Essex, I’d say that where your copywriter is based is pretty much irrelevant.

In fact, by choosing only copywriters in Essex, you could be restricting the standard of work your business purchases.

Copywriters in Essex

Over the years, I’ve tackled around 1500 freelance-copywriting projects. Among them were a handful of jobs from clients in Essex. Those projects worked out just fine, even though copywriter and Essex client never met.

So, don’t put restrictions on the geography and talent of your copywriter by looking for a copywriter in Essex alone. After all, how many Essex copywriters have worked with big companies like Hitachi, Siemens and Monster? How many Essex copywriters have bagged awards, plus the approval of the Innocent Drinks marketing team?

That’s me. I’m a versatile copywriter who can work on both print and digital copywriting. In particular, my quirky, humorous copywriting has been praised far and wide (mainly wide).

Copywriters in Essex — just say no

If you need a freelance copywriter in Essex, why not widen your search? Click here to email me, so we can talk about your copywriting needs. Or just give me, Nigel, a call on 07745 092037.

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“I have just read your copy out aloud to my partner and we both think it’s bloody great!”

Natalie Sullivan, Design:fx Studio, Essex

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