Need a copywriter in Dubai?

‘Copywriter Dubai’ . If you’ve just made that search on Google, I’d like to guess that you’re located in Dubai and you’re in need of a freelance copywriter. I’m highly perceptive like that.

If that is true, I’m also supposing that you’ve got a freelance copywriting project and are after a local Dubai copywriter to write it for you.

That’s pretty understandable. It’s normal to search for local suppliers when you want a copywriter. Except that we’re living in the age of the Internet — and anything is possible.

Copywriter Dubai

In the 21st century, your copywriter can be based in Dubai, Dublin or Du Bois. Copywriters work for Dubai clients perfectly OK using email, Skype and the phone.

But I would tell you this, because I’m a freelance copywriter who’s not based in Dubai. In fact, I’m in the United Kingdom. That’s not a bad thing — it’s the home of copywriting and, being in England, English is definitely my first language. Although I’m UK-based, clients all over the world have used my copywriting services — including Dubai and other places in the Middle East. Working remotely has always worked for me.

My name’s Nigel, by the way. But don’t let that spoil our working relationship. I’ve got stacks of relevant experience behind me in the shape of a 20-year career in journalism, editing and copywriting. Behind me sits tons of experience as a professional writer. Since 2003, I’ve worked solely as a freelance copywriter from my home office with a large cat in my in-tray.

Dubai copywriters

Some of the great clients I’ve worked with over the last few years are Honda, Hitachi, Sci-MX, Siemens, Grohe and Software AG — plus lots of exciting small businesses.

My work takes in both digital and print copywriting and almost every medium. That means that, whatever project you have in mind, I’ll have tackled something similar before.

So, why limit the success of your Dubai copywriting project just because you’re wanting a copywriter in Dubai? Call me, Nigel, today on +44 (0)1772 435827 or +44 (0)7745 092037 or email me here and I’d be pleased to talk about your copywriting project.

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“You are most gifted — out of the vaguest of briefs, you have crafted copy that really works. Mightier Than is a real find!”

Alex Goudge, Hitachi Software, London

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