Need a copywriter in Chicago?

If you’re searching for a copywriter in Chicago, you’ll have a fair idea about what to expect. Hard-sell will be high on the agenda. If that’s not the style of your business, have you ever thought about an alternative to a Chicago copywriter?

Here in the UK, copywriters are more creative than the average Chicago copywriter. We’re the floppy fringe to your Brylcreemed quiff. The Mini Cooper to your Dodge Viper. There’s something subtly persuasive about UK copywriters compared with copywriters in Chicago.

Freelance copywriter in Chicago

But you’re not convinced yet. You want a freelance copywriter in Chicago, so why settle for a UK copywriter? Well, I’ve seen those 32-page sales letters that Chicago copywriters love. I’ve seen those scrollfest web pages. You deserve a Congressional Medal of Honor for reaching the end.

Look, if you’re in business these days, during what’s affectionately known as the GDT (the Global Downturn), you need to carve out a point of difference, a USP. And the tone of voice that your copywriter offers your Chicago business could be just the difference you need. The medium really can be the message.

Not a Chicago copywriter

So who am I? And where am I? I’m Nigel (yes, I know) and I’m not a Chicago copywriter. I’m based near Manchester in the UK, but I’ve written for Chicago clients now and again. As a British copywriter, my quirky humo(u)r goes down well with Chicago clients. You don’t always get that with Chicago copywriters.

Freelance copywriters in Chicago rarely use the humorous, soft-sell approach and the subtle buying psychology of the UK copywriter. It’s a style taken to the extreme by UK smoothies firm Innocent Drinks. That might not be appropriate for your organisation, but flexibility is the watchword of the UK copywriter.

Chicago freelance copywriter

But wait, doesn’t your Chicago freelance copywriter have to be based in Chicago these days? That’s because we don’t have a vast worldwide network of interconnected computers with electronic mail and file-sharing, do we?

We do? You’re kidding. You’ll be telling me we can talk remotely over a voice-over-Internet Protocol service next. For zip. Now that would be impressive.

So, just to summaris(z)e. Nigel. UK copywriter (not in Chicago). Award-winning copywriting. Happy to be honorary Chicago copywriter. Let’s talk.

So, feel free to email me if you need a copywriter in Chicago, or call me for a chat on +44 (0)1772 435827 or +44 (0)7745 092037.

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“Nigel’s understanding, skill and creativity are outstanding. On time and on budget, Nigel can’t be recommended enough. Stringing a few words of copy is one thing, creating your message with flair, energy and passion requires skill. Nigel’s copy zings off the page and his ability to grasp our business has been invaluable. We will certainly be using his talents again.”

Arnold Ferrier, The Sports Nutrition Company, Brighton

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