Case study writing? You need a case study writer

If you need case study writing, you need an experienced case study writer. A case study writer with 20 years’ case study writing experience. A case study writer with a clutch of awards. A writer with case study writing experience for big names like Hitachi, Software AG, Lloyds TSB and Expolink.

That’s me. So who am I? I’m Nigel. I run Mightier Than, a freelance copywriting agency based near Manchester in the UK, but with case study writing clients all over the world, including Switzerland, Japan and Germany.

Case study writing

Case study writing is something I firmly believe in. Case studies (sometimes called success stories or white papers) make a powerful statement. You can talk all night about how great your business is, but with no evidence from actual customers to corroborate your story, it’s all going to ring a bit hollow.

Case study writing is so effective because case studies are like a detailed testimonial, and nothing sells like testimonials. They’re social proof. Case studies are one of the smartest copywriting investments your business can make, because they get seriously high readership. Whether they’re displayed digitally on your website or distributed in print form, case studies always draw a crowd.

Case study writing is all about the three Cs — cost, complexity and change. Building in this kind of detail into your case studies shows potential clients that you’re capable of adaptation and that your product or service can survive and prosper in the real world.

Case study writing — bite-sized chunks

At Mightier Than, we always take a logical approach to case study writing. Of course, your organisation may already have a template for case studies but, where I can, I’ll make my own mark, with a structure based around Customer, Challenge, Journey, Solution, Implementation and Results. This bite-sized chunk approach to case study writing makes digesting the information easy.

When writing your case studies, I’m happy to work with whatever information you have. If you’ve got a string of bullet points that you’d like turning into purple prose, that’s no problem. Or if you have a flimsy idea of what you want to say and a couple of phone numbers to pass on, that’s cool, too. Research is my middle name. Except it’s not. It’s Walpole.

Case study writing is the most powerful aspect of your marketing arsenal. So get a real pro onto the job. Call Nigel today on +44 (0)1772 435827 to see some case study samples, or email me here.

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“You are most gifted — out of the vaguest of briefs, you have crafted copy that really works. Mightier Than is a real find!”

Alex Goudge, Hitachi Software, London

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