Need a copywriter in Canada?

’Freelance copywriter Canada’ — if you just popped that keyphrase into Google, I’m guessing you’re in Canada and you need a copywriter. I’m perceptive like that.

But I just checked out that search and the options aren’t great. A lot of copywriters in Canada rely on a hard-sell approach that most experts now believe has had its day. Those experts include the great Canadian copywriter Michel Fortin.

Yes, copywriters in Canada can be a bit predictable. And, in an economic downturn, predictable isn’t so good. It’s time to think laterally.

But, first things first. Before you hire a copywriter for your Toronto or Vancouver business, have you thought about your USP? Before you even think about hiring a copywriter, you should establish your Unique Selling Point. If you don’t have on, find a good copywriter who can create one.

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If it’s impossible to find a USP, and you’re stuck in the oligopoly from hell, at least a copywriter can make you sound different. In a tough market, a new tone of voice could be just what you need.

But you’re unlikely to get that new tone of voice from a copywriter in Canada. Perhaps it’s time to think about taking on a copywriter from outside Toronto or Vancouver. UK copywriters can offer a different slant on copywriting — something less hard-sell; something subtly persuasive.

It’s also less important these days that your copywriter is based in Canada. Your copywriter could be in Canada, Canberra or Canvey Island. This is the age of the Internet and everything can be accomplished using the phone, Skype and emails.

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So who am I? I’m Nigel and I’m not a copywriter in Canada. I’m UK-based but have a number of copywriting clients in Canada. Those businesses appreciate my British sense of humour, subtle use of psychology and quirky approach.

As an award-winning UK copywriter working for clients in Canada, I can provide that alternative tone of voice you’re looking for. In copywriting, whether it’s in Canada or Cameroon, quirky humour breaks down barriers and extends trust.

Remote Canada copywriter

This is a tough economy and, if you’re looking at a point of difference, perhaps a UK copywriter working remotely can help. It’s an approach that makes sense for both copywriter and client. If Vancouver or Toronto businesses restrict themselves to copywriters in Canada, they might be getting just the nearest copywriter, and not necessarily the best.

If you need a quality copywriter in Canada, email me today or call for a chat on +44 (0)1772 435827 or +44 (0)7745 092037.

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