Need a Brighton copywriter?

If you’re in Brighton or Sussex and you just searched for ‘freelance copywriter Brighton’ or ‘Sussex copywriters’, it’s safe to assume you need a copywriter in Brighton. Or Sussex.

That’s logical enough. It’s reasonable to think that contacting a local Brighton copywriter will get you the result you need for your copywriting project.

It might well do. But not necessarily. In the age of the web, it’s rarely vital to get together with clients. In my vast experience, projects run very smoothly using only email, the phone and Skype.

Freelance copywriter — not in Brighton

So who am I? I’m Nigel, a freelance copywriter. I’m not based in Brighton, or anywhere near West Sussex. No, I’m close to Manchester.

Do I visit Brighton? Only to visit my uncle in Worthing. What I do do is use my 20-plus years’ writing, editing and copywriting experience to deliver strong, persuasive copy for large corporates, SMEs and everything in between.

I work on digital stuff, print material, direct mail, blogs, articles, press releases, school sick notes — whatever. I’ve also partnered just about every industry going. Except ironmongery. (So, if you’re a Brighton ironmonger needing copywriting, please get in touch.)

My clients are all over the UK and the world. Many of my copywriting customers are in places like Sweden and Japan. Those international projects work out just fine, thanks to today’s technology.

Quality Brighton copywriter

So, yes, while I can see your thinking behind that ‘Brighton copywriter’ search, there’s really no need. Location isn’t an issue — although, if it is, I’m more than happy to come down to Brighton and kip on Uncle Brian’s sofa. Much more important is that you get the right copywriter for the job, with the specific experience you need.

If you look only for copywriters in Brighton, you could be restricting the success of your project — just so that your Brighton copywriter can turn up at your offices and wolf all the biscuits.

So, don’t put a lid on your project just because you want a copywriter from Brighton or Sussex. The important thing is to pick a copywriter with the skills and experience to get you a superb result.

Brighton freelance copywriter

So, why not call me on 01772 435827 or 07745 092037 to have a chat about your Brighton copywriting project? Or just drop me an email.

Find out about all of the copywriting services I offer.

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“Nigel’s understanding, skill and creativity are outstanding. On time and on budget, Nigel can’t be recommended enough. Stringing a few words of copy is one thing, creating your message with flair, energy and passion requires skill. Nigel’s copy zings off the page and his ability to grasp our business has been invaluable. We will certainly be using his talents again.”

Arnold Ferrier, The Sports Nutrition Company, Brighton

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