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You know your business needs blog posts. It’s what Google’s all about these days. But, truthfully, you’d rather bed down for the night inside a deceased yak. Because content writing sucks. It’s hard and it takes time. You have better things to do.

Luckily, I don’t. I’m a freelance blog writer for hire here in Manchester and I write blog posts for a living. Corporate blog posts. Humorous blog posts. Long blog posts. Short blog posts. Regular blog posts. One-off blog posts.

Freelance blogger

As a freelance blogger, I can write blog posts off a title and a few bullet points, just a title, or I can do the whole bloggy shebang myself. Just tell me what your business does and I’ll raid Google News and come up with fresh inspiring blog writing every week.

However, may I remind you that I’m a freelance blogger for hire in Manchester, not Mumbai. That means I charge a little more than 2 dollars per blog post. It also means that my blog writing will be grammatically perfect, ridiculously entertaining and culturally relevant. That’s much more than you’ll get from the boys from Bombay.

Blog samples

The upshot is that you’ll look great, Google will love you and you’ll be able to retire early to a yacht loosely moored off the coast of Monaco*.

So, if you have the same affection for blog writing that mice have for the Cats’ Protection League, email me here or call me in my studio near Manchester on 01772 435827 or 07745 092037. I’ll send you some lovely blog samples.

*Not guaranteed

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