You think you don’t need a copywriter?

15 February 2010

Copywriting is about selling and branding. But it’s also about presenting yourself in a simple, clearly understood light. You might think you don’t need a copywriter. If you’re writing stuff like this about your business, I beg to differ:

[no names, no pack drill]

’I develop novel research methods to inform product design processes and outcomes, especially in the fields of emerging personal technologies and wearable systems. I seek to culturally embed novel computational products through the analysis of qualitative lifeworld data towards meaningful development and market placement. I have strong prototyping skills and believe in combining contemporary craft and technology, collaborating with systems design engineers and making use of physical computing skills to prototype concept designs. I am working on a range of conceptual product and service ideas at the moment, and continue to write for an academic audience on wearables, dress and adornment.’

What does this person do for a living?

Jewellery design.

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