Why copywriting will never be a commodity

7 July 2011

Four dollars for 600 words of custom content. Four dollars. That’s what the value of words has been reduced to. More and more, I see this kind of text-by-the-yard commoditisation of copywriting. The proliferation of websites encouraging bidding wars for copywriting only adds to the problem.

However, make no mistake — this type of page-filling, keyword-stuffing guff isn’t copywriting. It’s sweatshop labour for online cheapskates. It benefits nobody. It makes your operation look cheap, it’s not a sustainable business model, it clogs the web up with rubbish, and it resoundingly fails to pay a living wage to the copywriter.

So, is copywriting now a commodity, like a tin of beans? Well, clearly, it is to some. They’ll always be happy to go back to the boys from Bombay for their wordmilled page filler.

But luckily, the web is a big space. Which is why the good folks at Mightier Than can feed our kids. Forward-thinking businesses understand the value of their brand and that text-by-the-yard diminishes the value of that brand.

And, make no mistake, good copywriting is all about value. Good copywriting persuades, colours opinion and creates personality around a company’s offering. Good copywriting can make millions for its clients. Good copywriting creates reputations. It’s worth its weight in gold.

Bad copywriting is an expense. Good copywriting will always be an investment.

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