There are copywriters and copywriters

29 July 2009

Now, I’m not in the business of having a go at my copywriting competitors. Or, at least, I would never name them if I do. But some things have to be said.

OK, I know I’ve done this subject before. But these ‘copywriters’ keep popping up. You can bash them on the head with a mallet like that crazy arcade game, but they still rise to the surface from the mucky depths of the web.

I’m compelled to speak out because I found one copywriter today (from my home town — hey, with a little research, you might find him) whose site bears the very, very ugly ‘I’ve also wrote for’ plus numerous examples of its (possessive form) carrying an apostrophe.

You can blame the education system. You can blame unemployment. You can blame the lack of regulation. They could all be factors, but the truth remains that people like this shouldn’t be writing for anyone until they’ve grasped the basics.

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