That’s just rude

9 March 2012

I get annoyed at rudeness. One thing that annoys me is wannabe copywriters asking for advice. You pour your heart and soul into a bespoke 20-minute email and you never hear from them again.

Another thing that’s rude is people not replying to emails. Especially this sort of email: I recently saw an ad on a copywriting agency’s website asking for a copywriter who might be able to take on a ‘revolutionary food-based assignment’. Not just any food-based assignment. Heck no. This was a food-based assignment... in the style of Malcolm X.

Yes, you heard me right.

Always one to try and impress potential clients, I thought I’d have a crack at it, near-impossible though it might have been:

’Before there was any such thing as corn fungus. Before we heard about snail caviar. Before we devoured live squirming baby octopus or our palates finally bucked at brandy-drowned ortolan or duck in blood sauce, there was food. Just food.

When we ate this nude food, the berries and the nuts and the grains of certified provenance, we felt good.

My friends, it’s time to get back to feeling that way again. To embrace our nakedness. To rise up and reclaim our culinary inheritance.

It’s time to feel fine about food again.’

I thought it was a pretty neat effort, all things considered. But when, six weeks later, you’ve still not had an acknowledgement, that’s just rude.

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