Put my copywriting to the test

11 December 2011

As a versatile and obliging freelance copywriter, I’m always happy to tackle a short copywriting test piece for new clients. It reassures you that I can do what I say on the tin, and it sharpens me up with an early taste of the brand in question.

Which is all well and good. But, looking back tonight over some of the testers that slipped through my fingers, I have to conclude that either my competitors were staggeringly brilliant or the client was terminally confused. Not sure I could have done more with some of these:


Dine al fresco every day

Dine al fresco every day and feel like an emperor in this Roman-inspired gazebo. When the sun is out, the side canvases peel back to provide fresh air and shade. When the clouds roll in, simply close the waterproof curtains and enjoy your own outdoor dining room. Perfect for a Caesar salad.


Towering Wooden Castle

Towering fun built from solid wood. Let young imaginations soar over the ramparts and into the Middle Ages on who-knows-what knightly quest. Fun is flexible here:  play with the whole castle or remove the central tower for two smaller castles, just ripe for knightly rivalry. Then, swap the double-sided banners and flip the tower roof for a new game every day. Escape through the trap door, or beat a hasty retreat by lowering the throne or climbing the collapsible wall.


Lovingly presented in a half-bezel setting, this classic, one-carat, round-brilliant diamond engagement ring says ‘I will’ with a unique, contemporary twist. With a smooth 18-carat gold band, it’s modern and elegant. Just like her.

Light up the room with these round-brilliant, half-carat diamond earrings pressure-set in an 18-carat gold shank. A statement that’s as elegant in the boardroom as it is alluring in the bedroom.

A swirl of evening satin; the merest dab of make-up; a backward glance as you climb into the cab. This city-slick platinum pendant with three half-carat diamonds winks rather than kisses.

If you know good copy when you see it and fancy putting me to the test, I’m still up for it, despite these crushing disappointments. Call today on 01772 435827 or send me an email.

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