Living the dream — a cautionary tale

26 October 2009

For all you budding copywriters out there who want to live the dream and work at home, be near your kids etc., let me tell you about today.

OK, it’s half-term, so I’ve got three kids to look after for starters. At 7.50am, I get a call from my sister-in-law. Her car battery’s dead: could I pop round with the jump leads? No problem.

Next up, my son needs taking back to uni. That’s a 60-mile round-trip through the Manchester rush hour.

I get a call from a local web-design agency I do work for. Can I collect a disk with a batch of work on it? Another trip out.

Make lunch for kids; keep ‘em happy with DVDs while I stem the rising tide of emails.

At 2.30pm, sister-in-law phones from work to say my niece is sick at nursery. Can I look after her? I collect her. Her temperature’s massive. I take a phone call from a client while she shoots hot vomit all over my shoulder.

I change clothes and make tea for the kids, then race middle child to her flute lesson. An hour later, her sister phones from youth club to say she’s ill too and can I collect her early? Another 12-mile round trip.

Glam life of the international copywriter? I’m off to bed.

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