I’m a copywriter, not a Therapain salesman

20 August 2009

Once every three months or so, I get a phone call or an e-mail asking for a supply of Therapain Plus, a spray that penetrates deep, works fast and is made from all-natural ingredients.

Truth is, I’m not a Therapain salesman. I did, however, as a copywriter, once write a sales letter for an Irishman from a company called Sales of the Unexpected who wanted to flog some of this stuff.

So please, if you need Therapain Plus to work fast and penetrate deep, don’t come to me. I’m a copywriter.

But the success rate of that letter must be phenomenal — something like 90% of those who read it must call me for a bottle of the stuff.

So, if you need a sales letter that works fast and penetrates deep, I’m your man.

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