Hello, Tiger

19 June 2009

I’m not proud. Well, a bit. I don’t like holes in my socks and I have a bath once a week whether I need it or not. That’s why I don’t mind admitting that things have gone a touch quiet on the copywriting front. Lucky I have that multi-billion-dollar oil business as a back-up, eh? Call me a genius, but I reckon it’s down to the recession.

Now, not being one to sit around moping, I’ve sat around mucking about with my Adwords campaigns instead.

It seems to me that the tumbleweed is blowing down the high street of British industry, as the bailiffs hammer on the metal shutters. So, a little research — specifically, a Google search for ‘countries least affected by the recession’ — and half an hour later, I’ve wiped the UK from the face of my PPC campaign and replaced it with places like the UAE, Australia, Sweden and Canada.

Well, the tiger has roared already. Someone in Ottawa wants me to ‘hit home runs’ with a few sales letters. Export has never been so easy.

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